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  Marine Simulators System

Marine Simulators are considered as an essential tool in dealing with maritime disasters and its associated pollution. It provides full mission real-time computer-based simulation facility.

The Marine Simulators are equipped to provide training covering several areas such as basic and advanced navigation training, basic and advanced ship handling training, bridge team management, maneuvering and anchoring in harbors, convoy operation, radar navigation and blind pilot navigation training assisted with instruments, collision avoidance, maneuvering with interactive tug boat assistance, search and rescue training, passage planning and weather routing, environmental training in response to heavy weather, communication and emergency ship handling training

    The Marine Simulators system is composed of the following:-

  1. Full Mission Ship Handling Simulator

  2. Integrated Bridge System (IBS)

  3. TUG Boat Simulator

  4. Small Fast Ship Simulator

  5. Vessel Traffic Service Simulator (VTS)

  6. Fully Equipped 3 Cubical for ARPA Simulator

Full Mission Ship Handling Simulator


The Full Mission Ship Handling Simulator provides full mission real time simulation with high resolution visual scene resembling the 360 view of the horizon. The Main bridge of the simulator represents the bridge of an up-to-date fully equipped integrated bridge (ECDIS, Navaids, and Consoles). 


This simulator also provides ship movement in 3 axis utilizing six degrees of freedom hydrodynamic motion. It utilizes a remote monitoring station for the purpose of monitoring and recording using a closed circuit television.



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Integrated Bridge System (IBS)


The IBS simulator is a combination of a completely functional ship bridge, including radars, navigation stations, heading and speed sensors, autopilot, steering system and multi-console Voyage Management System with Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) that meets the carriage requirements of the International Maritime Organization. All these devices are interconnected in order to allow for the centralized access to sensor information or command/control from workstations, with the aim of increasing safety and efficient ship management by well-trained and qualified personnel.



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TUG Boat Simulator


The Tug Boat Simulator provides tug master training on different types of tugs such as: Voith Schneider, Pusher, River Tow and Azimuth Stern Drive tugs.


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Small Fast Ship Simulator


This simulator includes small fast ships for training with a speed of up to 60 knots, which is used for training by several authorities including the Coast Guard Patrolling, Search and Rescue and Recreational Fast Boats.

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Vessel Traffic Service Simulator (VTS)


The Vessel Traffic Service Simulator provides training for operators and supervisors dealing with vessel traffic service stations.

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Fully Equipped 3 Cubical for ARPA Simulator


This simulator provides special training for navigation, blind navigation and collision avoidance. Each station in this simulator represent own ship and may all be integrated in one training exercise.


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